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A : ALPHAVILLE : Forever Young

Forever Young
Текст песни Summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin

This days an invitation
And it's just for you
You've got a reservation
For the 17th of june
Open your eyes and let the sun break in for a while
There may be something that you've never seen inside
Feel how your heart beats like a
Heavy machine
The sound of the traffic is like a
Silent dream
The dust in the park, the exhaust from the cars
Ascends in that heated afternoon
You touch a sweaty body

Summer in berlin, it's alright
The day feel so tired from the led in the air and the fire in the sky
Life seemed to be a fault of grace but it's okay
It gave you a kiss in the middle of the crossroads
Summer in berlin, it's alright
The heat of the sun which is stored in the pavement feels so fine
Here stands the innocent and there it comes oh so wild
That's when you're longing for a summer by the wall

Summer in berlin, it's okay


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