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A : ALPHAVILLE : Breathtaking Blue

Breathtaking Blue
Текст песни Anyway


Or should I say goodbye
It's a question how close we are apart
Are you going back home after this show
Or leaving for the wild
And when you passing the wardrobe
What will you take
Your worn out hat of hopes
Or someone else's attractive furs to make it through
The playgrounds of your life

All is shown
All shut down
All the world is gone
All the pieces came together
But not too late
All is shown
All shut down
All the world is gone
Just pretend that I'm not there
Make your choice
I love you anyway
Just make your choice
Pretend that I'm not there
All the world is gone
All the world is gone
Just take it
Just take it
And you'll make it
Alright, yeah
Ride on
Ride on


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