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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Thela Hun Ginjeet

Thela Hun Ginjeet

Thela hun ginjeet thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei heat in the jungle street

Well, first of all, I couldn't see his face...he was holding a gun
Against me and...um....i was thinking this is a dangerous place
Well, this is a dangerous place

Thela hun ginjeet thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei thela hun ginjeet
Qua tari mei heat in the jungle street

I say I'm nervous as hell from this thing 'cause those guys were
Gonna kill me for sure...i mean they ganged up on me like that,
I couldn't believe it! look I'm still shaking. it's weird.
Go out on the streets like this...you can't...dangerous place,
It's a dangerous place

So suddenly these two guys appear in front of me...stop...real
Aggressive...start at me, ya know, what...what's that, what's that
On that tape, whata you got there, I said, it's a tape,

Whata you talkin' into that for? I said, it's just a tape, 'ya know,
They said, well play it for us, I said, oh no! I put them off
As long as I could and finally they turned it on, ya know, they
Grabbed it from me, took it away from me, turned it on and it says,

He held a gun in his hand; this is a dangerous place, they said,
What dangerous place, what gun-you a policeman!!
The deeper I talked the worse I got into it. I talk-i told em I said,
Look man, I'm not talk-, it went on forever, anyway, I finally
Unbuttoned my shirt an said, look, look, I'm in this band here, ya know,
I'm in this band, ya know, and we're making a recording, ya know,
It's just about new york city, it's about crime in the streets;
The explanation was goin' nowhere, but finally they just kinda let me go,
I don't know why...so I walk around the corner, I'm shakin' like a leaf
Now an' I thought this is a dangerous place once again, ya know...
Who should appear but two policemen...

Thela hun ginjeet thela hun ginjeet
Thela hun ginjeet thela hun ginjeet

Well this is a dangerous place...you know I could've been killed.
Ya know, what really scary is when these guys gather around you and...
The explanation that I had...i just, I just remember thinking
This is a dangerous place to live...

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