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A : A1 : The A-list

The A-list
Текст песни No More

No More

You say you're gonna work it out
But then you say you're having doubts.
Telling me you'll walk away but then you'll go and stay
You're calling me day and night
Saying he don't treat you right.
Then you always turn around and give him one more try

Baby you know it isn't fair
You expect me to be there
But we never get nowhere

I've got one foot out the door
I don't wanna hear Ў®bout him no more
I'll make a long story short
Time to make up your mind girl
No more back and forth
I don't wanna here Ў®bout him no more
If I'm not what you want
I don't wanna here no more

Stop telling me you need more time
Tired of the same old line.
Better make a move or you are gonna find
I ain't taking it
Cos you know it's wrong
Better let him know it's time too go your moving on
Baby you don't know how close I am to being gone

Waited on you long enough
I can only take so much
Tell me if I have you heart
Who do you really love?

Baby you know it isn't fair
You send me to be there
But we never get nowhere


I don't wanna here no more
If you're sure that you really love me
I don't wanna here no more
Out the door if you still don't know
I've been there for you
And you know it's true
You belong with me
What you gonna do
I don't wanna here no more


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