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NUMERIC : 911 : Moving On

Moving On
Текст песни Don't Walk Away

Don't Walk Away

Can't believe we're standing here
Saying that we're leaving
While holding back the tears
I remember everything we've shared
Through all the years
Why does it have to end this way
Is this the bitter pill
That we have to take
And now we've come this far
Is this the price we pay
Can we win it back again
So don't walk away
We can save our love
If we just keep the faith
Let's turn the tide, before it's too late
Don't let it go, don't walk away
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
And in the past, we may have danced a little out of time
And after all the different roads we've walked together
Let's make it right
Let's start tonight
All it takes is understanding
The answer's right there in our hearts
We can reach a new horizon
If we keep the hope alive
And all the things will turn out right
Chorus x2

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