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Текст песни Can't Get by Without You

Can't Get by Without You

Can't get by without you
Can't get by without you

When I leave your door
When we say goodnight it hurts be more and more
'cos darling just think about through everyday like this
No more than a kiss
Spending nights just thinking about the things we're gonna miss

If I have my ways
We're gonna be together more and more each day
We can walk forever lovers' hand in hand
Can't you understand
Girl you got to be my woman I got to be your man

Can't get by without you, I need you more each day
The way I feel without you, needs nothing more to say
'cos I love you, girl I need you
And I can't get by without you, no way

No, no
No way

It's a sad affair
Wasting precious time that you and I could share
Girl it's such a crime to hear you call my name
It's a crying shame
When we're not together and there's only time to blame
There will come a day
Girl I do believe it's not too far away
When I say goodnight and still be by your side
Rather teach you cry
When I fall in love I need to keep me satisfied


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