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NUMERIC : 702 : Star

Текст песни No Way

No Way

[verse 1]
Everything you do is gonna hurt you
(you should know that's)
Just how things are boy you can't have me
(don't mistake me)
For the average girl I don't come easy
(you gotta work for it)
Can't be wasting my time
You don't deserve me- see there is no way

You want something
But you're talking bout' nothing
One day you'll be wishing
You'll come to realize there's no way
You can get it
Ya tired game you should fix it
Must've got me twisted
Ya same old lines I can't take
No way
(la, la la la la la la)

[verse 2]
My game is so tight you can't fade me
(I'm not that type)
To come a dime a dozen baby yeah
(check yourself and)
Go find somebody else don't play me
(let me be real)
It's irritating I can't fake it, won't you spare me..


No way, no way
You can't keep on buggin' no way, no way

[hook til fade]

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