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W : WILSONS : The Wilsons

The Wilsons
Текст песни Open Door

Open Door

Come around whenever you're lonly
Come around from out of the blue
You know things change they often do
But I always thought I'd be close to you
Come around from out of nowhere
Come around whenever you can
When the rain's so loud that you just can't sleep
I will be the secret that you can't keep
Come around
Again and again

Whatever you need me for
I'm all I ever was and even more
No matter what came before
I'll always leave an open door...

You come around
Whenever you're bleeding
You come around
When you need a cure

When the night's so dark that you cannot see
Somehow you find your way back to me
Come around when nothing is sure

You're a million miles from me
I've been a million miles from you
Just remember what is true...
Nothing can come between us
Nothing can shake you from my heart
No will, no pain, no hate
No memory can fade that easy


Come around whenever you're lonly
Come around...

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