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W : WILSONS : The Wilsons

The Wilsons
Текст песни I Hate Your Face

I Hate Your Face

I was with you in venusian times
With sea colored angels
White stallions and goblets of wine
It was always you

We watched the ice melt down
We danced in victorian towns
The plains can change but the face remains

I feel you
I see you
Everywhere I look

I hate your face
'cause I love your face
You know I can't explain
The way it wracks my brain
You know it makes me cry
We never said good bye
I hate your face
'cause I love your face
I've been looking for you all of this life
Through six-sided windows
Like a vacant room in a crowded mind
We're children born of the sea
Tangled eternally
Oh, I need to touch you

And feel you
I see you
Everywhere I look


Don't do it...you're following my heart
You knew it...you're following my soul...
And I think there's a connection


I never did want to love you
I thought I was over you

I hate your face
'cause I love your face

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