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W : WILL SMITH : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Nightmare on My Street

Nightmare on My Street

Artist: dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince

Now I have a story that I'd like to tell
About this guy you all know he had me scared as hell
He comes to me at night after I crawl into bed
He's burnt up like a weenie and his name is fred
He wears the same hat and sweater every single day
And even if it's hot outside he wears it anyway
He's home when I'm awake but he shows up when I sleep
I can't believe that there's a nightmare on my street

It was a saturday evening if I remember it right
And we had just gotten back off tour last night
So the gang and I thought that it would be groovey
If we summoned up the posse and done rushed the movie
I got angie
Jeff got tina
Ready rock got some girl I'd never seen in my life
That was all right because the lady was chill
Then we dipped to the theater set to ill
We saw elm street and man it was def
And everything seemed all right when we left
But when I got home and laid down to sleep
That began the nightmare, but on my street

It was burning in my room like an oven
My bed soaked with sweat
And man I was bugging
I checked the clock and it stopped at 12:30
It had melted it was so darn hot
And I was thirsty
I went downstairs to grab some juice or a coke
Flipped the tv off, and then I almost choked
When I heard this awful voice coming from behind
It said, you got my favorite letter but now you must die
Man, I ain't even wait to see who it was
Broke inside my drawers and screamed, so long, cuz
Got halfway up the block
I calmed down and stopped screaming
Then thought, oh, I get it, I must be dreaming
I strolled back home with a grin on my grill
I think that since this is a dream I might as well get ill
I walked in the house, the big bad fresh prince
But freddy killed all that noise real quick
He grabbed me by my neck and said
Here's what we'll do
We gotta lotta work here, me and you
The souls of your friends you and I will claim
You've got the body and I've got the brain
I said, yo fred
I think you got me all wrong
I ain't partners with nobody with nails that long
Look, I'll be honest man, this team won't work
The girls won't be on you, fred, your face is all burnt
I patted him on the shoulder, said thanks for stopping by
Then I opened up the door and said take care guy
He got mad, drew back his arm, and slashed my shirt
I laughed at first, then thought, hold up, that hurt
It wasn't a dream, man, this guy was for real
I said, freddy, uh, pal, there's been an awful mistake here
No further words and then I darted upstairs
Crashed through my door then jumped on my bed
Pulled the covers up over my head
And said, oh please do something with fred
He jumped on my bed, went through the covers with his claws
Tried to get me, but my alarm went off
And then silence
It was a whole new day
I thought, huh, I wasn't scared of him anyway
Until I noticed those rips in my sheets
And that was proof that there had been a nightmare on my street

Fp: oh man, I gotta call jeff, I gotta call jeff
Come on, come on
Come on jeff, answer
Come on, man
Jj: hello?
Fp: jeff, this is prince, man
Jeff, wake up,
Jeff, wake up
Jj: what do you want?
Fp: jeff, wake up, man,
Listen to me, jeff
Jj: it's three o'clock in the morning, what do you want?
Fp: jeff, jeff, would you listen to me?
Listen, whatever you do, don't fall asleep
Jj: man
Fp: jeff, listen to me, don't go to sleep, jeff
Jj: look, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I'm gong to bed

Ahhhhhh! ahhhhhh! (ha ha ha ha ha haaaa)

Fp: jeff! jeff! jeff! jeff! answer me, jeff!

I'm your d.j. now, princey! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

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