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W : WILL SMITH : Без сортировки

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Текст песни He's The Dj....

He's The Dj....

Artist: dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince

(put your hands together, welcome fresh prince and jazzy jeff)

Mic check, y'all ready to have a party out there?
I can't hear you, is brooklyn ready to have a party out there?
Before we get started here
I'd like to pay a couple respects to the people
That made me what I am today
All the people I used to listen to while I was growing up
Put your hands together for grand master caz and mellie mel
Let me hear it back there, for grand master caz and mellie mel
I'd like to pay my repsects to mr. magic, dj red alert
You know I'm a young boy, I'm just coming up, you know, starting to do this
I'm 17 years old and gonna do what I wanna do up here, right?
But before I do what I wanna do I wanna know is brooklyn in the place?
Brooklyn's out there, bedsty? where's bedsty at?
Ready, yeah? we gonna get started like this
And you know it, you know it
Everybdoy put your hands in the air
Let me see you put your hands in the air
If you came to have a party right now
Everybody let me hear you say hooooo
Say ho ho
Now all the ladies
All the ladies in the house say owwww
Say owwww
Ya don't stop
Homeboys make some noise
Let me hear you say yeaaa
Say hell ya
Say brooklyn rocks the spot
Let me hear it
Louder, say brooklyn rocks the spot
Let me hear it
And you know it, you know it
Are y'all down with the beats
My dj jazzy jeff is throwing on all the def beats
I wanna let y'all know this is my dj
That's going by the code of jazzy jeff
In a little while, y'all gonna check out the human lyndrum
Ready rock c, but right now, everybody out there
I want everybody out there that's ugly
All the ugly people be quiet
All the filthy, stinky, nasty people be quiet
All the homeboys that got aids be quiet
All the girls out there that don't like guys, be quiet
Hold on, wait a minute
All the girls that don't like guys be quiet
You know it
Cause see, what we like to do is we perform, right?
We like to see how much noise the people can make, right?
Are y'all down with this
Let's dance
How many a y'all remember that?
Yall remember that?
Yall remember that record, you know it, you know it
What my dj is going to do on the wheels of steel
Is something y'all have never experienced before
The dj jazzy jeff
I want y'all ta bust a move, and it goes something like this
Check him out, backward
Hey jazzy, transform
That's dj jazzy jeff on the transformer scratch
Hey jazzy, jazzy
Wait a minute, wait a minute
They didn't make enough noise for me
Give it up for another transformer scratch
Jazzy, one more transformer
Are y'all down with that, or what?

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