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W : WAVE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни California


On a lonely day
I look out on the freeway
I can fantazise bout the car I drive
Dont need the light on
I can find my way
Its been so long now I have to say

Im going to california
Going to live the life
Sippin' on tequila
Night after night
Dreaming of the moment when everything is right
A little bit of love goes a long
Way tonight

Verse 2
Im on my way (I'm on my way)
Heading for the sun
Thats where I'll stay (that's where I'll stay)
Im never going back home
Do you ever feel like
You need a change
Hang out where noone knows your name


Would you like to meet me there
We'll be dancing on the sand (dancing)
These days will never end
They'll go on and on and on

Repeat verse 1


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