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Текст песни Another One in The Dark

Another One in The Dark

We took 'em high, we took 'em straight up the hill
They wanted it all, we gave 'em such a fill
In their parades we stole every thrill
And in their games we made every kill

We took them hard, we took them up against the wall
In their loss we never let them fall
In their flames we sailed up to the moon
In their rains we slayed dry like a fire would

So the bottom of my fears
Is that the girl might just disappear
But that'll be the death of me
The day she's just a memory

Well she turned out the lights
When she opened the whites of my eyes
Another one in the dark
Broken hearted mama
Just another one in the dark

When we rolled, rolled on like a big drum
We went to the top just above everyone
They wanted to win, tie us up with a string, and steal everything
We took 'em skin on skin, we laid 'em down in the ring

So I swear, we're a pair
Like loneliness and a prayer
And you know I may still believe
You may still need me

Well, she turned out the lights
When she opened the whites of my eyes
Another one in the dark
Broken from the start
Just another one in the dark

And in their nights we made out with a loud scream
And in their sleep we howled inside every dream
So if you're trying to break me
Come on why don't you shake me
Right out of my tree, the one that you made me, me

Well, she sang out of tune
When she shot down the moon
As I saw my all freeze
Down onto my knees
Where I was hit at the hip, between the cup and the lip
As I was struck down under, with lightning and thunder
As she cut all the strings, that I'd tied to her wings
Leaving me in the dark, we stood just feet apart
But she never seen me at all

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