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W : WALLFLOWERS : Bringing Down The Horse

Bringing Down The Horse
Текст песни I Wish I Felt Nothing

I Wish I Felt Nothing

Say when you're alone
It's better 'cause nobody knows you
When no one's your friend
It's better 'cause nobody leaves you
So you turned your back
On a world that you could never have
'cause your heart's been cracked
And everyone else's is goin' mad

But I hear voices
And I see colors
But I wish I felt nothing
Then it might be easy for me
Like it is for you

Now all of these people
Come up from deep holes
Pullin' you down
And it's just no use
When all the abuse follows you down
By the morning you've gone
Leavin' me here all alone
Sayin' it's no mystery
I know that nobody here needs me


And I know you believe that you and me don't belong here
And the worst we could do
Is keep trying to pretend we care


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