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Текст песни Summer Was a Bummer

Summer Was a Bummer

(hank coochran/dean dillon)

Hello mary ann
Can't tell you how good it is to see you again
How's your mother and your brother
Have you still got that 'ol dog?
Well I'm not so fine, tell me what was college like in caroline
Sure you really want to know
Well here's the way without you goes

Summer was a bummer
A no good for nothing fall and the winter brought a lot of snow
We had a bumper crop planted & it all got washed away in the floods worst
Weather ever
Without you around there wasn't any love to grow

You're kiddin' me, you're really moving back here finally
Well thats great, the same place
Do you know what you're number's gonna be?
How 'bout tonight?
Right now's just fine with me, right now's just right
You know I still do, even when I didn't hear from you all last year

Summer was a bummer
And a no good for nothing fall & the winter brought a lot of snow
But we got a bumper crop planted & granted I don't know a whole lot about
But one thing I do know, with you back around
A whole lotta love's gonna grow
Hello mary ann

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