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Текст песни My Pump

My Pump

Chorus: lil' ya

Try to use his nine but his nine wasn't workin'
Started bangin' with his pump and the bitch started twerkin'
Try to use his nine but his nine wasn't workin'
Started bangin' with his pump and the bitch started twerkin'

{lil' ya}
I put you hos on the map with my dick
Then I stuck my nine in them hos but I made 'em sick
Now ya supposed to wonder what I'm gonna do
Well I got it on my mind let's try the pump throw away the nine


{lil' ya}
I'm still tired of fuckin' you bitches everyday
I try to use my nine later on the a-k
But you wasn't satisfied it wasn't good enough
So ya tried to test my nuts to see if I was tough
So I fucked you and fucked you and shot my hollow in you
Watched you polished the chrome while I was drinkin' an cold brew
Freak you got life all wrong that's why messi your the first
Bitch in my song


{lil' ya}
Here's another bitch named blacke
You on the inmate pee because I fucked you with my two-twenty three
It felt good to ya you wanted to do it again we can do it again
So I tried the mack ten but the mack was to long for this ho
So I took it out had to load up the forty four
She complain'' about the forty four sayin' my gat to small
Stuck the sweeper in her ass started sweatin' like a dog
Hahaha I guess my gat was to long an blacke you
The second bitch in my song


{lil' ya}
Lil' ya is the type that don't give a shit
My three favorite words are
Doggin' doggin' doggin' a bitch
Who can I talk to about lance I'm a kick
It on takia because she down bad
She rode a nigga dick sucked the shells of a pump
Hit her with my glock and made the bitch jump
She came to my house sayin' she wanted to fuck
Cheat her with my uzi she was stuck like chuck
Ended up pregnant sayin' the baby was mine
I fucked you with my uzi you had an baby nine
Took baby nine outside and threw 'em in the dump
Two weeks passed I fucked that bitch with my pump
The ho face resemble queen coat matin' so that's
Why takia ya the last bitch in my song


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