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U : UNDERWORLD : Second Toughest in The Infants

Second Toughest in The Infants
Текст песни Air Towel

Air Towel

(should I want it. should I want.)
Bunny girl. happy shopper.
Bouncing ball. telephone dial.
Shifting sun. are you waiting
For a bus. effort. effort.
Women sleep. who knows what
Happened to be my wish.
The shop was open now.
How bout selling some more things.
Bouncing ball. bunny girl.
Happy shopper. bouncing ball.
Telephone dial. setting sun.
Are you waiting for the bus.

Human pleasure. trust that girl.
Human wire.
Human glad. I remember.
I come woman. I come women.
I come one man.

Bunny girl. happy shopper.
Bouncing ball. telephone dial.
Shifting sun. you are waiting
For a bus. bedford sun.
In the end. human pleasure.
Transmit love. human wire.
Im the same. I am glad and
I come wandering. I come wandering.
Jane is waiting. in your software.
In your blouse. in your denim.
Carrying her new software.
Little black thing is electric
In the braid. in the braid. in gray.
All she says now. and he says
Come on fuck this. I'm no woman.
Im a maniac. I'm on trade.
Im no paying senseless geezer.
Where the doors are opening with electric
In the tube hole it is sliding
Full of moisture. getting on now
With his both hands on the red poles.
On the red poles.
(you're so ugly).
(should I want. should I want it.).

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