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Текст песни Everything's Just Fine

Everything's Just Fine

A rock¹s thrown out from the back of the house
A little girl steps out of the shadows
The furrow in her brow belongs to an older mind
And when she's asked she says everything's just fine

The thoughts run through her mind quicker than the hands of time
And even quicker than her father's
Eyes burn bleeding wide, confusion seeps from deep inside
And when she's asked she says everything's just fine
Everything's just fine

No different from the day she was born
No different from any other
Everything seemed perfectly fine in her world
Cause she never knew any other

How heavy is the heart that knows no other love
That sees pain as part of the offer
Somehow deserving now and somehow the cause
So on and on it goes

Everything's just fine
Everything's just fine
She says everything's just fine
Everythings just

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