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T : TRICKY : Pre-millennium Tension

Pre-millennium Tension
Текст песни Ghetto Youth

Ghetto Youth

Moment I saw you, I knew
Knew there was something about you
Should've seen the warnings
We were very ? young?
Didn't know anything about you
About men and women
A little more now, nothing to talk about
We were very young
Something about you
I knew, I think I knew I would love you
Without trying to,
You wrote your story in a different light
It was exciting, I really felt alive then
We were very young
Thought my heart would break
48 hours without you
And I could never doubt you
At first you never gave me reason
I didn't know, how could I know?
How would I know?
The pain you had inside you
And nothing I'd do
Would ever be enough to hide you
No regrets, no way
Had to be a ? nineteen? always remembering
How we made each other sick
We made each other sick
Something about you
Told your story in a different light
Something about you
We were very young

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