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T : TRICKY : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Karmacoma


You sure you want to be with me
I've nothing to give
Won't lie and say this love is best
Leave us in emotional peace
Take a walk, taste the rest
No, take a rest
I see you digging a hole
Your neighbourood
You're crazy but you're lazy
No need to live in a lean to [no need to live on the need to]
Your troubles must be seen to with money
Like paper with faces I remember
The faces I remember
I drink on a daily basis
Though it seldom cools my temper
It never cools my temper
Walking through the suburbs they're not exactly lovers
You're a couple, especially when your body's doubled
Duplicate, then you wait for the next kuwait

Karmacoma, jamaica & roma (x4)
You sure you want to be with me I've nothing to give
Take a walk take a rest
Taste the rest
Take a walk take a rest
Taste the rest

Don't want to be on top of your list
Monopoly and properly kissed
We overcome in 60 seconds
With the strength we have to together
But for now, emotional ties they stay severed
When there's trust there'll be treats and
When we funk there'll be beats

Karmacoma, jamaica and roma

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