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T : TRICKY : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Eurochild


Sitting in my day care, yard is decopainted.
Blessed by the drink
Upon the corner [? ]
Chased by the planet
Haunted by the medium
Too high to flow toward to break the tedium
Glow from my tv set is blue like neon,
Activated the remote I put the bbc on
I've seen this city somewhere
I'm looking out for no-one
Pallor in my eye it get blue like neon

Hell is round the corner where I shelter
Isms and schisms,
We're living on helter skelter
If you believe what you see then common sense says shouldn't receive
Let me take you down the corridors of my life
And when you walk, do you walk to your preference
No need to answer till I take further evidence
I seem to need reference to get residence,
A reference to your preference to say I'm a good neighbour I trudge
So judge me for my labour

I walk in a bar and immeadiately I sense danger
You look at me, gawd, if I was some kind of a, a total stranger

Hysterical, ecstatical [? ]
Have to get a drink, I go to relax
Upon phono, no go zone I go through
Aching aways just to relocate you
Kill us with your fist
Now baby mix it with me
You see me function better when I get approximately-
-high by my technical flyby
I function better with the sun in my eyes
So goodbye

Take a second of me
You beckon I'll be
And when you're sad I'll mourn
And when you tear I'm torn
Take a second of me (x2)
I stand firm for our soil
Lick a rock on foil
Say seduce me, seduce me
Dress me up in stussy
Show me and I'll [stick em]
Will you be my victim
Take a second of me
Mad over you, mad over me, an analogy
Baby taking up up all of my stationary
Sitting in my daycare, mediocre painted
Colliding with the jam
Until the drink got dated
Window when they go when they go boom
[? ] of my room
No sense you can trust me
Climb on my sofa
Roll in a daydream
Spliff make daddy go sleep-a-trip dream

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