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T : TORI AMOS : Scarlet's Walk

Scarlet's Walk
Текст песни Amber Waves

Amber Waves

Well he lit you up
Like amber waves in his movie show
He fixed you up real good
Till I don't know you anymore
From ballet class to a lap dance
Straight to video
And the pool side news
Was that he would be
Launching you

Into every young man's
Bedroom - you gave it up
On dvd and magazine-
You gave it up
A private rite of passage
You gave it up
To every boy's sweet dream
With their paper cuts

You said he's got a
Healing machine
It glows in the dark
Glows in the dark:
You say there's not a lot
Of me
Left anymore-
Just leave it alone.
But if you're buy, and you have
The time, tell the northern
Lights to keep shining - lately it seems like they're drowning

He cold light you up
And summon every swan
Or the lakesie
Off to cabo san lucas
For some optical stimulus
Then you started to guess
Ther was someone else
Though his flint glass
Seeing all of you
Immersed in his sepia


So I went by -
Cause I had the time,
And told the northern lights
To keep shining
They told me to tell you -
They're waving

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