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T : TOOL : 10,000 Days

10,000 Days
Текст песни Lost Keys

Lost Keys

[Here is the conversation that takes place between the Nurse and the Doctor, and eventually the Doctor and the Patient.]

Lost Keys
[voices fading in]

[Nurse:] Excuse me? Doctor? Do you have a moment?

[Doctor:] A moment? What's the question?

[Nurse:] More of a situation, a gentleman in exam 3.

[Doctor:] What's the problem?

[Nurse:] That is the problem, we're not sure.

[Doctor:] You got the chart?

[Nurse:] Right here.

[Doctor:] Not much here to say

[Nurse:] No doctor, no obvious physical trauma. Vitals are stable.

[Doctor:] Name?

[Nurse:] No sir.

[Doctor:] Did someone drop him off?
Maybe we could speak to them.
Let's get some background on this fella.

[Nurse:] No ID. Nothing
[heavy breathing in background]
And he won't speak to anybody.

[Doctor:] Well, let's say hello.
Good Morning, I'm Dr. Lawson.
How are you today? How - are - you today?!
Look son, you're in a safe place.
We wanna help in whatever way we can.
But you need to talk to us.
We can't help you otherwise.
What's happened? Tell me everything.

[Growling and heavy breathing grows louder]

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