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T : TOMMY PAGE : Paintings in My Mind

Paintings in My Mind
Текст песни Turn on The Radio

Turn on The Radio

Friday night and things just ain't right
Me and my baby just had a fight
I'm down and blue, don't know what to do
There's only one way to get my message through
Pick up the phone and call the dj
I need a dedication right away
Something special, something so true
This one's going out from me to you

Turn on the radio, they're playing our song
Turn on the radio 'cause we're gonna dance
All night long

I need to find a moment in time
When she's listening to the words from this
Poor heart of mine
Just to let her know I really love her so
And somehow I just gotta let my feelings show

Do you remember the night we met
I knew it was the start
Of something baby I would never forget
This was the song that stole our hearts

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