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T : TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT : Tell Me The Truth

Tell Me The Truth
Текст песни In Roxy's Eyes

In Roxy's Eyes

(t. b. schmit)

Don't know if I'm wrong or right
There's just so much I've got to do
Don't want to put up a fight oh
The minutes are far too few

I guess I'll go my way, take it in stride
Day by day
But I can't keep it inside
And I just can't disguise
The mystery I feel
In roxy's eyes, oh

I remember the night we met
She gave me just one look
And I never will forget oh
I felt like an open book

And every night I find I don't sleep
I lose my mind
Can't get her out of my head
It should come as no suprise
It's so hard to see
In roxy's eyes oh

Way down inside my heart all I do is try
I should have known it from the start
That I would cry
It's all in roxy's eyes

A love that feels so strong you don't deny it
It can't be wrong
Still there's so much regret
'cuz I've come to realize
It's so hard to stay
In roxy's eyes oh

In roxy's eyes oh
I just can't read those eyes oh
It's all in roxy's eyes oh
In roxy's eyes oh

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