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Текст песни Raise The Roses

Raise The Roses

The kids were flying today
Don't call her girlfriend, we were saying
And I was locked into a frame
But listening again
Don't wait up for me I know what God wants

Raise the roof, don't pay rent
Raise the roof, yeah

I was purified today
And feeling now I can be pretty
And he is feeling very rude
But listening again
I hear my pillow screaming find him

Raise the roof, don't pay rent
Raise the roof, yeah

He wants if she decks out with the(? )
Quiet down all you noisy girls
He loves those noisy girls
He wants to beat them up, he loves them so much
Don't call me girlfriend, don't call me girl
This is no light thunder
My ears are humming with him
And he's dancing 'cause it's raining
This is no light fever
And my face is burning with him
And I'm building, but I'm losing

(raise the roof)
If I leave you (don't pay rent)
Please don't call me back again
You know where I stay (raise the roof)
In my launing room (get high, get lost, get low)
With that clause is
(raise the roof and space out the proof and pick up the roof)
I keep everything of yours (and raise the fences)
You keep me (raise the rent and pick up the roof)
Because I called you love
(raise the roof and raise the roses)
That's the music, you know
From the box you gave to me long ago
When my room was cold
Now the sun falls on through the window
When she warms the wood
I can sit here all day with you

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