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T : THROWING MUSES : House Tornado

House Tornado
Текст песни The River

The River

Lose your way and we can stay out all night
Lose your keys and we can't go home
In a little time in a little gin
We can touch hands again
Lose your head lose your warhead
Wrote a song for a room I left long ago
It was my home it was my hell
Now the girl the lives there
She's an exotic she's a drunk
Leaves her clothes off
When it rains run to the river
She carry me she run me all the way down
To the floor where it's warm
And dirty like a river
My whole hell
Carry me no run me
All the way down to the river
All I want is to be worthy of my
Hands, but she's got plans
Dirty like a river
(you can't) run me down
Lose it lose your war

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