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T : THROWING MUSES : House Tornado

House Tornado
Текст песни Mexican Women

Mexican Women

Leave home blood becomes a foreign substance
And see it as you let it dry
I forgive my nature or I'll be my saint
I can always feel you in heaven
Living in the past I think if I remember that I'll forget this
I know you well
Kill the sky the sun'll fry us; burn the rain we'll die
Stares from the back stairs
I tie your tie, set tables
I won't run your party, you can't run my life
But the waters run deep
Once there was two mexican woman
Ran over the hills ripped off their skin and ate it up
Leave the town for the children [lay their skin across the fire]
Leave their rings to their daughters
And fly up
It's raining again come home
It's raining in his hands
Oh catch it be brave grow
You make me cry understand?
Be safe, no worry so
Look what you do you freeze my songs and please come on
Catch me back I can go faster than fast
Catch me go get back a date land a seal too fast
Catch me go get back a date spin the wheel too fast
Help me go get back a date live a day the past

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