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T : TAPROOT : ... Something More Than Nothing

... Something More Than Nothing
Текст песни Can'tnot


Breakin' 'em off a piece of my wicked funky style up front str8 up, no hiding behind a facade conformed society's way masses try to fit in, sin after sinner up inner higher self discriminatin' a
T the ways others are livin' their live's but i's real different yes a unique open mind just fuckin' sittin' around here totally bored just waitin' for fate to let me conquer my goals, these hel
Feelins' although they're not true, no verve is left inside of my soul, but tell me what can I do? forced to cope, just don't know, how to acheive, my goals...a life derived through inner stren
And the traits in the divine, strange perversity dominates, the spirit and the mind...

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