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T : TAPROOT : Mentobe

Текст песни Comeback


Ill times rollin' lackin the flow ache in my throat and wisdom seems so lost, and yet it's better in ways it's different, I miss those oldschool meditations when relaxing and getting visions was
Ven w/ my eyes closed I propose a toast, to myself to find the time to ask my lord and galaxy to point me in the right direction, I got my foot in the door, I gotta keep on writin' and stay plan
O this world, be4 I can take off....please come back to me I need to say goodbye to these old ways stagnant lifestyle's no longer in my way, I gotta keep on movin', so I pray, and wait for a sig
M my guides, they help me proceed as I lay, and dream of my future, I miss those times....cumback to me.....

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