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T : TANYA DONELLY : Lovesongs for Underdogs

Lovesongs for Underdogs
Текст песни Mysteries of The Unexplained

Mysteries of The Unexplained

I heard a song
I heard the saddest song on wsuk
They play it every other hour of every other day
'cause the greaser sent them t's and toys for regular airplay
All your heroes are whores
All your heroes
'cause it's a tinkertoy world
Wouldn't buy a chance to leave it
'cause sometimes
It rains fish from the sky and the statues all start to cry
And someone writes another beautiful song
And anyway I predict the next meteor to hit will be a monster
And I for one am looking forward to it
I saw a movie
I saw the saddest film
Where everyone got killed
And the crowd went wild
I didn't understand the end I couldn't spot the good guy
All your heroes are whores
All your heroes
I had a dream a shining bright city perfect and clean
I made a wish for a sky full of fish

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