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T : TALKING HEADS : Little Creatures

Little Creatures
Текст песни The Lady Don't Mind

The Lady Don't Mind

Last time she jumped out the window, well, she only turned and
Smiled. you might think she would say something, but you'd have to
Wait a while.

Well the lady don't mind.
No, no, no, the lady don't mind
She just turns her head and disappears,
I kinda like that style

Little boat that floats on a river, it's drifting through a haze
She stops by whenever she wants to, well, there she goes again

Well, it's no trouble at all.
No, no, no trouble at all
Well, what she does
Is all right with me, and
I kinda like that style

Come on. come on. I go up and down.
I like this curious feeling. I know, I see.
It's like make believe. cover your ears
So you can hear what I'm saying.
I'm not lost but I don't know
Where I am. I got a question.
All right. all right. this is what we like.
Who knows, who knows,
What I'm thinking

She says love is not what she's after,
And everyone knows.
Each time she looks in the mirror,
She lets her feelings show.

Well, the lady don't mind
No, no, no, the lady don't mind.
Well, what she says is all right by me,
And I kinda like that style

Uh-oh. uh-oh. here we go again
I don't know, I don't know,
What I'm sayin'.
Hey man. hey man.
I sure don't feel the same
She likes to say what she's feeling
Hey. did I get a big surprise.
I know you think so.
Come on. come on. she says anything.
Who knows, who knows,
What she's thinking.

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