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S : SURVIVOR : Too Hot to Sleep

Too Hot to Sleep
Текст песни Can't Give It Up

Can't Give It Up

**growin' up he was tagged a rebel
She was the smoke, he was the fire
They had the time of their lives together
Turning it up higher and higher
Now people talk about the two of them
And just shake their heads
It's all just a cryin' shame, he's got a heart she'll never tame**

*he can't give it up
Never give his heart away
Can't give it up
Never gonna give it away
Gets it in the night
Hides it from the light of day
He's too wild to tame*

He got hooked on the spotlight
Fortune and fame, one-night stands
Under the spell of the hot lights
He had it all in the palm of his hand
Now she's waitin' in the wings and feelin' alone in the crowd
Their love is just a distant fire,
He's too wild and she's too proud

( * repeat)
(** repeat)
( * repeat)

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