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Текст песни In Good Faith

In Good Faith

There's a place within my heart
Tucked away from all the pain
And deep within this secret side of me
Just the simple truth remains
Words don't come easy
Feelings I hide even from myself
I'm ready to share without hesitation
I've been saving this moment
For someone who's saving this moment too
--tell me it's you

*I'll give you everything that I got
Say you'll never turn and run
Cause each and every beat of my heart
Tells me you're the only one
I've cast aside, my foolish pride
I know I can keep you satisfied
I'll prove it tonight in so many ways
--that's a promise from the heart
--in good faith*

In the roles that we have chosen
Behind the parts we sometimes play
Lies the passage to the real me
--with no illusions in the way
Words don't come easy
But I'll get the feeling across somehow
--let it be now...

( * repeat)

Behind these eyes tonight
The truth comes shining
A fire that is rarely seen
It burns for you
I've never needed anyone this way
Could never find the right words to say
--until today

( * repeat)

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