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S : SURVIVOR : Caught in The Game

Caught in The Game
Текст песни Jackie Don't Go

Jackie Don't Go

Jackie was the focus of my fantasies
There was passion in the schoolyard
Upon the autumn leaves
Cuttin' class was gettin' easy,
Throwin' good sense down the drain,
And while your touch would always please me,
It was love that erased the pain --
Believin' that good times forever last,
Now love is a thing of the past

*jackie no, jackie don't go,
You're a hard act to follow --
Jackie go slow, jackie please,
I'm down on my knees, let's do it again*

I was head over heels, I was hard in love,
I put jackie on a pedestal so high above,
Rock 'n' roll became our savior --
That alone was all it took --
And when it came to fool behavior,
Me and jackie, we wrote the book
Believin' that good friends forever last,
Now love is a thing of the past

( * repeat)

( * repeat)
Jackie stay -- I'm living each day
In the streets of the city callin' your name
Jackie please, this is insane,
Let's do it again

In the beginning all the time we spent together,
Never further than a heartbeat away,
Did you try and tell me, jackie, you were leavin',
I couldn't see beyond yesterday

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