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S : SUPERTONES : Supertones Strike Back

Supertones Strike Back
Текст песни Like No One Else

Like No One Else

This is a time for us to demonstrate our appreciation
Amazing grace and sweet salvation
I can't pay you back, my lord, so I won't even try
I will give you I and i
You know when I'm standin' up and when I'm falling down
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
You know if I'm hungry, tired, or feeling kind of low
Why you care, I just don't know.

I cast all my life and all my cares
And everything on you
He cares for you like no one else

This is a time for us to celebrate our emancipation
Voices ring across the nations
There will never be another there has never been
Helpess and you took us in
Because of jesus christ, we know salvation is secure
I don't worry anymore
Who can give you council, lord?
And who can search your mind?
You're before me and behind.

Every time I shed a tear it matters, it matters,
Every time I'm cold with fear it matters, it matters
When I got a broken heart it matters, it matters
Every time I fall apart it matters, it matters
When I think I'm all alone
On the road or when at home
Every time I have to sneeze
Every single breath I breathe
When I'm in a dentist's chair it matters, it matters
Anywhere and every where it matters, it matters

He cares for you like no one else

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