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Текст песни Blind Man

Blind Man

Blind man
Standing on the corner
Crying out the blues
And I don't need a dollar
And don't give me a dime
Until you bring back that little girl of mine

I can't let her go
I'm hooked I can't let her go
People try to tell me stop crying
And find you someone new
'cause when that good lord made one woman
Don't you know he made two

But I can't let her go
I'm hooked I can't let her go
I can't let her go lord
I can't let her go

He lifted up his head toward heaven
And said, lord, I'd rather die
Then let a no-good woman
Make me stand on this corner and cry
Lord knows I'm living in a world of darkness
But that don't bother me
And until I find that sweet little girl of mine
Lord knows, I just don't want to see

I can't let her go
I'm hooked I can't let her go
Won't somebody please help the blind
I can't let her go

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