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Текст песни Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Well you walk with me outside tonight
Beneath the glow of the big old tire light
And in the fog the air is wet
With your eyes as big as silver dollars
And I hunt you laying down to bet
And the gamble makes you scream and holler
Welcome home
I'm coming home
Welcome home

You led me down the sea of gold
I was lost in love's smokescreen
With my stomach spinning in cartwheels
Like a child I was scared to peek
At the top of the ferris wheel
I'll make love to you 'till the middle of next week
Welcome home
I'm coming home
Welcome home

I get worried for my state of mind
I get worried when I sign the dotted line
I guess they say that you reap what you sow
Well if loves the crop and I'm your farmer
But I'm scared of me and what I know
Yeah, I kiss you under the spell of the snake charmer
Welcome home
I'm coming home
Welcome home
I'm coming home
Welcome home

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