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S : STEVE HARLEY : Psychomodo

Текст песни Tumbling Down

Tumbling Down

Gee, but it's hard when one lowers one's guard to the vultures
Me, I regard it a tortuous hardship that smoulders
Like a peppermint eaten away
(will fight, will I swagger or sway? )
Hee, hee, m'lady, she cries like a baby to scold us
See her tumbling down, tumbling down

Hail! to the monkey; we're having a funky reunion
Wasted and sunk, he can only have sunday communion
He got nicotine stains in his eyes
He got nothing to protect but his pride
Oh! smother ihe kiss or be drownded in blissful contusion
See it tumbling down, tumbling down

Juvenile tale, (see ihe titanic sail into brighton)
The hemingway stacatto, the tragic bravado can frighten!
To be here, there and everywhere's fine
But do you have to be so swift all the time?
Deliver the dawn to the moulin-rouge on the horizon
Watch it tumbling down, tumbling down

(reirain) oh! dear, look what they've done to the blues, blues, blues

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