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S : STEVE HARLEY : Psychomodo

Текст песни Sling It

Sling It

The ship was sailing through a tempest of fear
There was lightning and explosions galore
And the waves came whooshing and crashing and boy!
It was panic as we swam for the shore
There were ladies and babies being trampled to hell
Where ihe flames flickered happy and sad
And the honey-coloured moon was bouncing around
He was laughing, saying: dear, this is mad!!!
Oh, come on!
Oh, come on!
Oh, come on! let's sling it and do it again!

Then a message flashed in the sky by the sun:
Be careful, ihis is only a game!
If you believe what you see, you'll be rewarded by me
And be drownded or burned - it's all ihe same!
Oh the fear in our hearts was diminished at once
We began to restore love and peace
And though the ship had gone down, there was a moral we found:
If this is life, then it's hard to believe!

Oh, come on!
Oh, come on!
Oh, come on! iet's sltng it and do it again!

Oh, come on!
Oh, come on!
Oh. come on! let's sling it and do it again!

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