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S : STEVE HARLEY : Psychomodo

Текст песни Singular Band

Singular Band

Thinking lots of a pretty face
When we were yong, such smashing days
We'd pass the time in such pleasant ways
Happy just to be iiving-oh yeah!
Too many summers controlled our heads
Too many memories - so many dead
We fall behind but we also lead them
Listened all the time to a singular band

Put our resources into one appollo
We only had to watch and follow
Then swoop around like a possessed swallow
Thinking only of winning Ёc oh yeah!
And all the iime defending ourselves
Brushed aside all the tempting sea-shells
Charging-up like battery cells
Looking all the time for a singular band

You and me getting everywhere now
On the land and in the air now
Got no worries of getting there now
(consider what we're attempting-oh yeah!)
And now we have lots of pretty clothes
Many friends and many foes
Looking wonderful but heaven knows
Who will want us now we're turning into singular band

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