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S : STEREOPHONICS : Performance & Cocktails

Performance & Cocktails
Текст песни T-shirt Suntan

T-shirt Suntan

He was walking 'round to you one said
French afternoon so he called in to a shop
For two he brought himself an ice drink a
Totally tropical nice drink then he saw
What he thought was you in a room he
Tought about goin' over but you were
Always much older abd your sex dressed
Breasts impressed too he'd really like to
Get it together before the twelve of never
So he's coming over it's when all the
Phases come around
The clothes you wear the sex and love
It's enough for the time outta touch out of
Luck he always liked them older so that his
Top lip touched on her shoulder
Lionized undisguised kill for you like to
Show you his teeshirt suntan like to show
You his minute head stand then a gun spun
Open from you to me to me to you

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