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S : SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS : Christmas Caravan

Christmas Caravan
Текст песни Indian Giver

Indian Giver

Well, I've got a friend
Who lives across town
Every year when christmas rolls around
He gives me my christmas presents in a paper sack
Two hours later he wants it back
He's an indian giver!
I ran to my momma I was hollerin' and crying
She sent me to my poppa and I ain't lying
He gave me some advice,
It sounded all right
But you know that he took it back later that night
He's an indian giver!
Gonna write santy claus a valentine
Please santy claus won't you be mine?
When you bring around the presents in a 'leven foot sack
Please mr. santy don't take 'em back!
Don't be no indian giver!
Jim: santa, is it really you?
Santa: why, yes
Jim: I've been waiting for you all night, and look at all these presents! are they for me, santa?
Santa: ho ho hooold on a minute now boy. I done check my list twice and you don't get no presents
Jim: what list? don't tell me you're takin' them back!
Santa: how 'bout this nice lump of coal?
Jim: don't tell me you're an indian giver!
Jim: (cries)
Santa: ho ho ho
Jim: not santa

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