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Текст песни Wallflower


Two more days is all you ever wanted
Paint your face it's time to be social
Standing on the edge of your feeling
So special
Looking at the center of a downward

It's a side we offend
It's the work of a fool
It's the sign of a freak
Who's uncool

Nobody understands wallflower
Nobody gives a damn wallflower
Cannot get into you
Look what you made me do
Down, I'm so down
If you kiss the dirt
Well then you'd see my reflection

Look around and I start to laugh
No more need for photographs
Was there something you meant to say
As I walked away?

It's the way we collide
It's the way we connect
It's the way we confuse
So rude

No one will want from you
Haven't you got a clue?

Cannot get over you
Look what you put me through

Down, I'm so down
If you kiss the dirt
Well then you'd see my reflection
Intentions - aggressions - pretensions

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