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S : SPICE 1 : Spice 1

Spice 1
Текст песни Money or Murder

Money or Murder

[ verse 1 ]
Rollin down the block smokin endo
I got the glock and I'm headed for the liquor sto'
Rollin up slowly, feelin on my gold teeth
And one of these niggas said they know me
He looked kinda familiar
But nigga, don't step too close, I might kill ya
I couldn't really tell who he was
But I ain't really trippin, cause the dank got a nigga buzzed
I hop out of my shit and lock the car do'
As I step into the store I'm starin at some hard hoe
She said 'wassup', like a nigga, to me
I walked to the back and fired up my doobie
Should I get st. ides or olde e?
Looked up, some niggas runnin at me, 'bout 4 deep
Runnin up on spice 1 ain't wise
Whip a nigga ass with some st. ides
Ran up out the liquor store
Grabbed my gat and licked a hoe
Now what they wanna start shittin fo'?
Now if the bitch wasn't tough, I wouldn'ta have to hurt her
But fuck that shit when it's money or murder

Money or murder (2x)

[ verse 2 ]
I smashed out the parkin lot, hoes watched
As I shipped another bullet to this bitch's dock
I sailed off like a yacht
Now that's one nigga with a forty concussion and a bitch popped
So what's next in this episode?
Fo' niggas hop up in a cutlass and chase me down the road
I hit 580 like the last time
And I'm gettin kinda short on my gas line
Doin 100 in my five-o
Buckshot shatter blast out my window
Now they think they got me
So I slow down with my finger on the glock, gee
Pulled up on the side
Shootin at the nigga that I busted with the st. ides
And since I couldn't lose, gee
I tried to run his ass off the road like the movies
And that's about the time that he's fucked
Shot him in the throat as he smashed into a back truck

Now was it money or murder?

Money or murder (2x)

[ verse 3 ]
I'm in the cut, late night
Some niggas had a argument, a squab, but they didn't fight
I'm watchin niggas die over cocaine
Bullet to the brain, now he's fucked in the game
Some niggas don't know
He wanna pump my gas, but I think I seen a .44
I figured it's a jack, because instead
Of gas, he wanted to pump me full of lead
So now I need a murder plan
Reach under the seat with my left hand
He walked up lookin funny at a nigga
I'm sittin calm as fuck with my finger on a chrome trigger
Nigga wanna see my blood waste
But little did he know he was fuckin with a nut case
He tried to pull a .44
But soon as he reached I fucked him up with the car do'
I got out the car and stomped his ass, gee
He said, please, spice 1, don't blast me
Close your eyes and grip your dick
I shot him int eh stomach and watched him scream like a bitch
It ain't shit to watch a nigga gut splurter
When it's money or murder

Money or murder

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