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S : SPICE 1 : Amerikkka's Nightmare

Amerikkka's Nightmare
Текст песни You Done Fucked Up

You Done Fucked Up

You fat ass pudgy muthafucka...yeah, what up now nigga?

How you gonna start some shit with the shit starter?
Knew you was a bitch the first time I saw ya
Walkin' around sucking on everybody's dick
Trying to get a deal but your records sound straight like shit
You was lucky to be signed with jive
They dropped your ass when your record stopped at 135
So next time you come at me nigga, ya best come clean
Have your ass using blood for listerine
So mister cb-4 blast a gangsta ass nigga
Heard you wanna squab with the clip and the trigga
Gangsta murderer, gangstaville and gangsta killa
I'll locc up and put a slug in ya nigga, what
Dont nobody record company want ya
You know ya done fucked up don't ya?

Run nigga run
You can run nigga run but I'm gonna catch ya
You know I had to gat ya
Leave your body stiff like a statue
Wet ya, hit ya, get ya, split your ass down the middle
Like a swisha...
Sweet ass nigga talkin' shit
I'll shake your ass like a pit
I'm in love with this rap shit, it's all good
But bring your ass down to spiggity one neighborhood
Messy mob and leave a mess
As my ak chop that beef off your muthafuckin chest
Don't nobody record label want ya
You know you done fucked up don't ya?

You gonna be wearin' your ass for a hat
Cause I'm gonna shoot your dick out your ass crack
Nigga, you're fuckin' with tha straight up gangsta mack
Pop, pop, pop
Keep talking that punk ass shit and ya won't live to
See your album drop
All your songs is rinky dinky
Just a fat ass nigga who had one too many twinkies
And I'm gonna watch that belly explode
When I catch ya in the street, unload the 4-5 and reload
Bend over and the hoes will laugh
Cause you show a big fat stanky crack in that ass
Don't nobody record company want ya
You know you done fucked up don't ya?

Listen here you little bitch made muthafucka
I'm gonna ask you some simple questions and I want
Some simple motherfuckin answers
You said you was a jive artist, is that true?
Well man, yeah I was a jive artist you know, and uh,
I was signed to them, but uh, um
Is you or isn't you a jive artist?
Umm, well, uhh, you know, I really don't know,. I was
Or uhh I am one, yeah
Well motherfucker let me ask you this here, like i
Said simple questions simple answers
You said you sold 500,000 units
I sold somethin' like that you know
No, uhhh
Umm, well
Uhhh, a litle bit more than that
Talkin' that shit you know you done fucked up don't ya?

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