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Текст песни I Got It Made

I Got It Made

*verse 1*
I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno
I'm not a puerto rican, but I'm speakin so that you know
And understand I got the gift of speech
And it's a blessin,
So listen to the lesson I preach
I talk sense condensed into the form of a poem
Full of knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome
I'm kinda young--but my tongue speaks maturity
I'm not a child, I don't need nothin for security
I get paid when my record is played--to put it short
I got it made

*verse 2*
I'm outspoken--
My language is broken into a slang
But it's just a dialect that I select when I hang
I play it cool--cuz coolin is all that I'm about
Just foolin wit tha girlies, yes I'm bustin it out
I'm special ed and you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior, yo--i never lose
I never lost cuz I'm the boss
I never will cuz I'm still
The champion, chief one, won't lose until--
I choose

Which I won't cuz I don't retreat
I'll run you over like a truck and leave you dead in the street
You're invitin me, a titan to a battle--why?
I don't need your respect cuz i--
Got it made

*verse 3*
I'm talented, yes I'm gifted
Never boosted, never shoplifted
I got the cash, but maoney ain't nothin
Make a million dollars every record that I cut and--
My name is special ed and I'm a super-duper star
Ever other week I get a brand new car
Got twenty, that's plenty yet I still want more
Kinda fond of honda scooters--got seventy-four
I got the riches--to fulfill my needs
Got land in the sand of the west indies
Even got a little island of my very own--
I gotta frog--a dog with a solid gold bone
An accountant to account the amount I spent
Gotta treaty with tahiti cuz I own a percent
Got gear out wear--to everyday
Boutiques from france to the u.s.a.
And I make all the money from the rhymes I invent
So it really doesn't matter--how much I spent, because, yo
I make fresh rhymes--daily
You burn me--really?
Think, just blink and I made--a million rhymes
Just imagine if you blinked-- a million times
Damn I'd be paid--
I got it made

*verse 4*
I'm kinda spoiled
Cuz everything I want I got made
I wanted gear--got everything from cotton to suede
I wanted lead--i didn't beg I just got laid
My hair was growin too long, so I got me a fade
And when my dishes got dirty, I got cascade
When the weather was hot, I got a spot in the shade
I'm wise because I rise to the top of my grade
Wanted peace on earth, so to God I prayed
Some kids across town thought I was afraid
They couldn't harm me--
I got the army brigade
I'm not a trader
If what you got is greater I'll trade
But maybe later cuz my waiter made potato -n- alligator souflee--
I got it made

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