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Текст песни It's a Fact

It's a Fact

Baby I've been thinking 'bout
All the wrong you've done
Making like everything is good
And I'm the only one
Did you think that I wouldn't see
Guess you thought that I wouldn't know
Old girl knocked at my door
And this is what she told me

Yes it's a fact
I love him so
But I ain't gonna put up with his shit
And don't you put up with his games no more
Oh no
Just had to let you know
She said I had a right to know

Funny how she knew about
When I was out of town (in la)
Even knowing the date and time
That my plane was letting down (2 am)
She talked about how she cooked and fed (steak and eggs)
She even knew the sheets on my bed (baby blue)
I had to stop, I had to cool down
I had to cool it down

Okay, now I appreciate
The fact she let me know
Shitty how this all went down
I had to see her to the door
How could you go and wreck this home
Catching hell when I'm gone
Grab your things and let the wind blow
Just let the wind blow

1 - yes it's a fact
I loved you so
But I ain't gon' put up with your shit
Ain't gon' put up with your games no more
Oh no, already told you so
Get like the wind and blow

Repeat 1

After all that I've done
Never thought you'd be the one
After all that I've been through
My biggest hurt had to come from you

Never thought you'd let me down
Never thought that you would clown
Never thought I'd sing this song
Don't know where it all went wrong

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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