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S : SONIQUE : Hear My Cry

Hear My Cry
Текст песни Learn to Forget

Learn to Forget

The selfish way I've learnt to live
With it all take and none left to give
It's strange the change we're left to face
When love's gone I find myself back at square one

I gotta learn to forget
There's no future in the past
Only memories that fad
Speak with my heart not my head
Cause some things are better left unsaid

Guess you and I were never meant to be
Seems the more I look, the less that I see
Wasting time when I'm trying to find
The thing that we lost for far too long
And now it's back to square one

[repeat chorus]

Wish that I could change the things I said about you
Wish that I could change the way that you feel
And God knows I'd die to be in your arms again
Chase away the hurt, kiss away the pain

[repeat chorus]
Learn to to forgive and forget
Love's empty words and regrets
Cause some things are better left unsaid

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