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S : SNOOP DOGG : The Eastsidaz

The Eastsidaz
Текст песни Be Thankful

Be Thankful

( snoop )
Rite now a nigga just feelin real good
Thankful 4 evrythang thats goin down 4 me rite now
4 all dis happiness an' success
A nigga just str8 thankful 4 evrythang you know
You think it's eazy bein me na hold on dogg
Let me explain sumthin to all of y'all
I got a mama an' a daddy 3 bruthas no sistas
Sum cuzinz uncles nephews an' neices
An' nun to say da leastest hectic
Wit 2 boyz of my own
Spanky damn near grown
Sittin in his room just bangin my songs
As I roll anutha joint an' make a call on da fone
It's pretty tony it's on an' crackin my nigga
It's ya big bro I herd ya rappin my nigga
Evrybody an' there mama duin dis rap thang
I'm thankful dat my lil' brutha ain't in da hood bangin

( hook )
Just be thankful 4 all ya got
If it's just a little bit it's all ya got
U mite not hav a car or big gold chain
Stay tru 2 yaself an' thangs will change
Just be thankful 4 all ya got
If it's just a little bit it's all ya got
U mite not hav a car or big gold chain
Stay tru 2 yaself an' thangs will change

( goldie loc )
Man my sista ben gone 4 about 10 munths
Stedy smokin bluntz an' fuckin wit da same cunt
But it's time 2 make a change
So I rock up my rhymes like krack kokane
I'm in da game
Much luv 2 my nigga snoop
It woodn't be crackin wit out you
I woodn't be standin in deez black walla c's
I'd be back in da hood wit dem g's

( warren g. )
Frum kidnaps an' jacks
Knockouts an' craps
Frum totin tech-9's
2 shankin on da main line
Timez iz hard we all caught up in da struggle
Whites, blacks, mexicans it's trouble
Yung kids we got a man made disease
I lost my mom so now I'm prayin on my knees
Did y'all take care of y'all ha luv wuz precious
Now I got my daddy, sistas an' homies God bless us

( hook )

( pretty tony )
We ben thru sum tuff timez mom late on rent
Tryin 2 get mine husslin like larry flynt
No food in da fridge but we wuzn't alarmed
Cuz my brutha wuz like a good neighba den like state farm
Peeples always sayin wut they need an' want
But they need 2 start wit they du's an' don'ts
Just be thankful 4 day 2 day
An' evrythang will be goin ya way

( kam )
Now ain't it odd 2 thank god
We moovin in gangsta toyed
We live an' die by tha sword
An' still we thank tha lord
Frum da maternity ward 2 tha morgue
I count my blessins
It's a game I shood but can't afford but I ain't stressin
I'm e-s-in 4 mines it's all gunna pay off in da long run
An' no rest on da grind man a nigga just out here on one
Stayin strong all alone or hangin wit my clique
I rite a song rite or rong I'm realy bangin dis shit
I used ta wonda y we had it so ruff
My motto wuz my ancha an' 4 dat I can't thak ya enuff

( hook )

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